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Maguire´s Guesthouse has closed. We had a wonderful time running it and would like to thank all our hundreds of guests for making it so much fun. We will certainly miss it - and you - but the reality is that it was a hobby, not a business, and we lack the funds to keep it going without drastically re-sizing and risking losing all that was so good about it. So we are bowing out and will have to find an alternative path to fame and fortune (or at least the means to keep the family going).


For those looking for more information on Manaus, please visit our new website We designed this and the associated guidebook based on all our guests' suggestions and feedback over 5 years, and we hope you will find all the information you need for planning and enjoying your trip to the Brazilian Amazon  - incuding photos, maps & tables, researched lists of hotels, guesthouses, lodges,cruises and tours, what to see in Manaus, restaurant and bar listings, tips on how to get around, and information on local customs and culture.


The Amazon Handook is the first dedicated, objective, tell-it-like-it-is English-language guide to Manaus - so if you want the low-down on Manaus and the Brazilian Amazon, this is the place to start.


Finally, we are still here and we still offer specialist planning advice and some facilities for small groups of academic and media visitors (we´ll do it for nice couples too, at a push….) – don´t hesitate to contact us by email.



Thank you everyone and very best wishes to all our guests!

Clive, Naice and Aaron.


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